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Animal Trainer have distributed their music all over the world. They stood on the stages of festivals
like Fusion, SonneMondSterne and Tomorrowland, they toured on every continent except the
Antarctic and they released an album and more eps and remixes than you can count.
Long story short : They reached goals enough to get to the point at which you reinvent yourself. To be
able to continue to draw from all your creativity.
Now there’s not only Animal Trainer, but Animal Trainer Live (Samy) and Animal Trainer DJ (Adi). But
not that they don’t play together in front of an audience anymore : A dj/live-hybrid reconciles their
skills, so they can create something new and special.
Who is Adi ?
A passionate dj who can make people dance, no matter when, no matter where. Besides the djing he
is involved in several festivals and in the Hive club in Zurich. He also curates musical programs and the
record label Hive Audio.
Who is Samy ?
Studio maniac, musician, live-player, preferably with MOOG or guitar. Samy studied Jazz for four years
and was involved in several live-projects. A background that gives him the tools for Animal Trainer Live.
Animal Trainer are a constant source for new music, if tracks, eps or albums. Because : That certain
feeling when they start a new song, when the next drop comes around the corner and when time
seems to stop for a split second, just before enthusiasm breaks out and everybody on the dancefloor
smiles at once… this magic moment is called ‘Animal Trainer-moment’ for a reason.
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