DJ Paricke Ruprecht (CH)

dj patrick ruprecht (CH)

When Patrick Ruprecht stands behind the CDJs, you can really feel how the energy spills over into the crowd, and his sets are very exclusivIn electronic music, Patrick Ruprecht from Zurich isn’t just a participant; he’s the lively heartbeat. His musical journey started with captivating drumming skills, foretelling a promising career. In Melodic Techno, Ruprecht’s signature groove shines in tracks like „Hold Me,“ „Infinity System,“ and the chart-topping „Voices in My Head,“ emotional odysseys blending sentiment with cutting-edge sounds. These anthems don’t just captivate; they dominate charts. „Voices in My Head“ reached #3 in the Beatport Charts, showcasing Ruprecht’s ability to create compelling music that resonates widely. Collaborating with Marc DePuls, Rafael Cerato, Dizharmonia, and Sasha Carassi, he expands creative boundaries and solidifies his presence. His compositions resonate on grand stages, embraced by labels like Afterlife, Radikon, and Rennaissance Records. Accolades pour in from luminaries like 19:26, Adriatique, Coeus, David Lindmer, Erly Tepshi, Jonas Saalbach, Olympe, Rebük, and the Element. Entering 2024, Ruprecht’s trajectory is meteoric. With international bookings and signed EPs, he eagerly shares unique tracks and captivating live performances. Audiences anticipate an immersive journey as Patrick Ruprecht cements his status as an emerging virtuoso in the evolving tapestry of electronic music.

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